The Ding Dongs (or What Is The Penalty in Portugal?)

1f, 2m


When a sweet-faced couple shows up on a suburban doorstep, an unsuspecting homeowner finds himself the victim of a surreal home invasion. Using wit and wordplay to mask a more sinister threat, the couple wages a battle over indigenous rights from the living room, and we are asked to examine the brutality that fuels our system of private property.

Casting & Production


Character Breakdown: 1F, 2M.

NATALIE (Female, 30s-40s)- A quick-witted, assertive soccer mom. She’s been through aserious trauma, but favors pragmatism over grief. Funny, smart, and determined.

JOE (Male, 30s-40s)- An affable, easy-going suburban dad. Married to Natalie, the good cop toher bad. Sweet, likable, more aware than he lets on.

REDELMO SMITH (Male 30s-40s)- The homeowner. Smart, civil Everyman with a hint of theOutsider. Raising his brother’s kids, but not obviously a family man.