Catch a Feeling with TRW’s Latest British Musical: BROTHERS

I – got –  the – feeling!

What feeling? I hear you all yell from the cracked screens of your smart phones. Before I explain this magical feeling, lets slow down and get better acquainted.

My name is Willy and I can often be found wearing headphones, blaring musical showtunes.

I am a musical fanatic! When not watching a show, I’m here at Theatrical Rights Worldwide (TRW) marketing them. I don’t know where my passion began, but like quicksand once I dipped a toe in, I was completely devoured by the brilliance of jazz hands, step-ball-changes and of course spontaneous singing. I adore the escapism live theatre lends its audiences and take pride in knowing that TRW acts as the conduit for providing these opportunities in both the amateur and professional world.  The beauty behind the team at TRW is that we love the work. We care about the integrity of the authors message, and we care about the groups who take the work from page to stage.

Before I go into a novel based on my love of the arts, let’s get back to this sensational feeling. It all began when my colleague Ben called my name, received no response and proceeded to try two more times (I wasn’t kidding about those headphones). When he finally got my attention, he said that as a fellow theatre fanatic, he would enjoy hearing my feedback on the recent addition of The British Musicals Collection (BMC): BROTHERS.

The British Musicals Collection is an initiative that supports writers and helps them sustain the longevity of their work. Submissions are currently open for new work. That’s how BROTHERS entered my life and how I got the feeling. The feeling that this musical had the power to change somebody’s world.

With Music, Lyrics, & Books by Arnoud Breitbarth, BROTHERS follows the journey of 18-year-old Luke who discovers a diary of his recently deceased brother, Marius. He and his mother relive joyful and painful memories and through this, they embark on a personal journey of self-discovery and acceptance. I began reading the script with the sole intention of reading mini sections per day. Thirty glorious minutes later I had cried, laughed and audibly gasped like an excited audience member at a Christmas Panto! I couldn’t put it down! Work that explores issues of identity, speaks to me personally. In my own time, I advocate for the equality of all and wish to see these ideologies reflected on stage.

Great theatre has the power to change the world, so it is wonderful when authors are inspired to use their voice to speak up and explore the issues of minority groups. Brothers explores LGBT+ issues, offering two interpretations. One, from the angle of self-acceptance and another from struggles and fear. What a poignant moment in the worlds current state to tell this story.  I was immediately inspired to watch a recorded reading of this production. Again, I was taken in by the delicious themes and structured storytelling. I was compelled to tell someone about it. My favourite song is “Trembling Finger.” The repetition of the line ‘it does that on its own’ helps to make the song incredibly catchy. It’s also interesting to see the comparison of the initial response to Marius’ symptoms to the turmoil felt by his family after his loss.

I – got – the – feeling.

The sensational, exhilarating, unshakeable feeling that this story demands to be told by the wider community. Once again, I took comfort in TRW’s role in creating platforms for exciting work. So, what do I do with this feeling? I use it to inspire my creativity behind the scenes. I use that passion and pour it into my work at TRW in ensuring you all feel it too. So, when you finish reading this blog, I encourage you to check out Brothers. Listen to the snippets of audio we provide on our website, purchase a ridiculously inexpensive perusal and fall in love.

You can thank me later (preferably on your opening night of BROTHERS).