‘Falling for Eve’ & Newer Tuners are Opportunities for Regional & Local Theatres

Falling for Eve

Selecting a season for your patrons can be tough. For producers and artistic directors the balance between trying to sell tickets and trying to offer new titles to your audiences can be tricky. TRW is championing new titles from select authors to provide access to opportunities for theatre groups at every level and in every region to challenge and delight their local patrons with exciting contemporary work.

New work can provide a fresh Off-Broadway title as a regional premiere for your theatre’s next season. Premiere status is a great marketing tool that can offset challenges in selling new shows at the box office. (You can contact your licensing representative directly to inquire about premiere status for your area for any TRW title.) Explore the TRW catalog of Off Broadway & Regional musicals and envision a season that includes a show full of songs and characters new to your patrons and artists, with a contemporary voice for today’s developing theatre audience. A show like FALLING FOR EVE…

From prolific pens of Joe DiPietro (ALL SHOOK UP, MEMPHIS, I LOVE YOU YOU’RE PERFECT NOW CHANGE), David Howard (Galaxy Quest, CHANGING MINDS) and Bret Simmons (CHANGING MINDS, The Megan Mullally Show), comes an irresistible tale as old as time…FALLING FOR EVE. This delightful tuner is a new take on creation featuring a bright, tight and very upbeat pop-musical theatre score, matched with a very innovative book’s look at Adam, Eve, God and the Garden.

FALLING FOR EVE begins…in the beginning. The very beginning. Creation is going exactly according to plan: Eve, curious about what lies beyond the garden, and positively perplexed with the idea of something that’s forbidden, eats the apple. Then Adam…doesn’t. Eden, we have a problem. How exactly God is going to get his children together so they can create the human race is anybody’s guess. At times hilarious, at times poignant, FALLING FOR EVE is an unconventional retelling of the world’s first love story. Filled with unexpected twists and turns, the first couple doesn’t get to happily ever after until they finally realize that paradise isn’t a place at all. As Adam ultimately tells Eve, “Paradise is You.”

(Photo: Sara Krulwich) Sasha Sloan and Adam Kantor, rear, are God, and Jose Llana and Krystal Joy Brown were Adam and Eve in “Falling for Eve," at the York Theatre, 2011

Bookwriter Joe DiPietro (MEMPHIS, ALL SHOOK UP) at the NYC premiere of FALLING FOR EVE

To get rolling, order a PerusalsNOW™ reading copy of FALLING FOR EVE and begin to cast it in your mind’s eye. With the original New York cast, these casting choices were made: ADAM: The first guy. As young as possible (late teens, early twenties.) Very attractive. EVE: The first girl. Also as young as possible, but able to gracefully and believably age to about forty through the course of the play. Also beautiful. GOD/HE: A man. GOD/SHE: A woman. SARAH: An angel. Young woman. MICHAEL: Another angel. As young as the others. While the show works very well vocally with the six vocalists described above, should the producers desire, the addition of an “angel chorus” to back up vocals and facilitate the production is also a possibility, and can offer additional performance opportunities and a bigger, more “celestial” sound.

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