Choosing Musicals for Your Season: StageCenter & PersualsNOW™… The Artistic Director’s Dynamic Duo!

New look StageCenter copy Without TRW LogoYou’ve set in motion the process of assembling titles for your next theatre season and the battle of “Budget vs. Brilliance” has begun. You know you can deliver brilliant musical theatre for your audience…but at what cost? With the StageCenter Collection, TRW helps you win the battle! We are offering this rotating collection of shows from our catalogue at…50% off!

By booking titles from the StageCenter Collection, you’ll reduce your production budget and can fully focus your resources and talent toward making brilliant theatre! The StageCenter Collection currently features eleven titles from our Off-Broadway and Regional Theatre catalogue.

TRW's Director of Licensing Jim Hoare

TRW's Director of Licensing Jim Hoare

TRW’s Director of Licensing Jim Hoare, a thirty-plus year veteran director, teacher and theatre artist, is excited about the wave of interest in StageCenter. “Customers who have already selected another TRW title have told me, ‘For 50% off, I’ll add one of the ‘Stage Center’ shows to my season as well.’  One selected LUCKY DUCK and another THE GOOD WAR,” Hoare said.  “50% off of both royalties and materials makes trying a lesser-known title a much more attractive option.”

And…you can peruse them…INSTANTLY! Taking the time to read and listen to shows that you may not be familiar with is a breeze with PersualsNOW™. In an instant, you can select any TRW title and read the script and listen to song samples as you go. Since TRW launched PerusalsNOW™ last year, thousands of customers have embraced digital perusing.

StageCenter and PerusalsNOW™: TRW’s Dynamic Duo is here to give artistic directors the tools they need to bring exciting, new titles to audiences worldwide…without breaking the budget! Check out the possibilities now! Visit the StageCenter Collection and PerusalsNOW™ on our website or call us Toll-Free at (866) 378-9758 and get all the info you need to succeed.