Dusty Springfield Musical Joins TRW’s Family of Pop Superstars!

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Theatrical Rights Worldwide (TRW) is proud to announce the acquisition and immediate release of DUSTY-The Original Pop Diva. This brilliant new bio-tuner is the life and music of one of the greatest pop stars of all time, Dusty Springfield. From a triumphant Australian premiere that played to over 400,000 ticket-buyers, to scores of regional and top-notch amateur productions around the globe, this fresh, exciting and mega-popular musical theatre sensation is now available for productions throughout North America, exclusively from TRW.

DUSTY – the Original Pop Diva is the story of Mary O’Brien, who the world knew as Dusty Springfield. In the 1960s, Dusty took the entertainment world by storm with a score of hits, a top TV show and a legion of fans. She was the most influential British female artist of the 60’s. Her compelling story is told through her incredible career of smash hit songs that resonate with today’s audiences of all ages, just as they have for over 50 years.

Dusty’s story begins in the 1950s, when a star-struck London schoolgirl imagines she could become a glamorous movie idol. Her parents tell her that her fantasies will never come true, but nothing deters her, and blessed with an amazing voice and talent, she sets out to become a singer and star. Soon, plain Mary O’Brien has transformed herself into the blonde pop icon, Dusty Springfield. But while Dusty, the gorgeous blonde star, is the image the world sees, it is an illusion behind which little Mary O’Brien still lives; the alter ego from which Dusty can never escape and who remains with her throughout her life. Finding strength in adversity, Dusty returns to soar to the top. With the world applauding again, she has one more battle to fight.

The book, by John Michael Howson, David Mitchell & Melvyn Morrow is musical theatre story-telling at its finest. As we are immersed in the true story of Dusty Springfield, the hit parade begins and doesn’t let up until the finale sends audiences dancing into the streets! This show is a very producible title that features a casting breakdown that will work for a host of different theatre organizations:

9 Women, 1 Girl

8 Males

Numerous featured roles

Free E-Perusal for DUSTY-The Original Pop Diva

As we roll-out the release of this hot new show, we want to get your personal reading copy to you now, free of charge. For a limited time, now through June 11th, 2015, you can receive a complimentary E-Perusal of DUSTY-The Original Pop Diva. Simply click below and fill-out the very short form and you’ll receive your free E-Perusal within 24 hrs. Then contact us right away to book your premiere productions throughout North America. U.K. customers, please stay tuned for periodic news on the release of the show in your area.