John Wimbs with the D.L. on GGB

GO-GO BEACH is a new musical fable about the shift of consciousness in America in the mid-’60s, told in the style of the popular California beach-party movies. It’s a coming-of-age story about a surfer who gets into trouble when he falls for a runaway teen pop star… and the flower child who helps him get back in touch with the waves.

John Wimbs, Michael Shaieb, and Brent Lord’s inspiration for this bubbly pop-musical stemmed from their love of the beach party movies. We spoke with book and lyrics writer John Wimbs recently and his sense of excitement about the show is palpable. He said, “The boy-meets-girl stories set against the backdrop of the surf, sand, pop music, dancing and wild fashions, make these films a natural source for an appealing, nostalgic musical comedy.” However, these talented writers knew that this thematically upbeat musical needed heart and a powerful message at its core. “The show became a metaphor for the extreme cultural shift of perspective that occurred at the time- as a reaction to the events that were taking place in America and around the world,” Wimbs explains, “It became a musical fable about bigger ideas that are universal and timeless… and relevant to the world we live in today.”

Chandra Lee Schwartz as Bulldog from the 2006 New York Musical Theatre Festival

At the top of the show, it’s the biggest weekend of the summer for the gang at the beach, with plans for a surfing race and the annual luau. Surfer Woody’s carefree and innocent California life is everything a boy could want: his future is set with the cutest girl on the beach, he’s got a great bunch of friends, and he has never wiped out. But when his old surfing pal Bulldog comes back from the emerging flower power scene in San Francisco, Woody’s eyes are opened to a new perspective and he begins to question his seemingly perfect world. However, when Woody falls for a teen pop star, he is forced to face his truth and discover the real meaning of life.

A rehearsal shot from the Brewery Arts production of Go-Go Beach in Carson City, NV

Wimbs affirms, “On one level GO-GO BEACH is a sexy ‘60’s pop fantasy with some killer songs and great dance numbers that is a thrilling showcase for some amazing young talent. But at its core, it’s a story about empowerment and love, and the value of true friendship. It carries a gentle message of peace, and has a heart big enough to transform audiences… leaving them with a deeper emotional experience than they might expect.”

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