You Know You’re Obsessed With Broadway When…

by Ryan Goodale

We asked. You answered. Here are some of our favorite answers to “You Know You’re Obsessed With Broadway When…” and they are all too true for many of us. No shame in our game, though. Curtain up, light the lights and let’s get going. This is your places call!

1. All of the music on your phone is showtunes and nothing else. Nothing. Else.

fuck yeah celebration vh1 celebrate nicole richie


2. You struggle at weddings because you always ruin the “I’d like to propose a toast” moment.

drunk snl kristen wiig whatever cinderella


3. Your music library has hundreds of Overtures and you know exactly which show a bar or two in.

community donald glover sudden realization i knew it troy barnes


4. In your 11-day NYC trip you see 17 Broadway shows and not much else since you spent all your time waiting at TKTS.

Comedy Central excited amy schumer i cant i can't


5. You can lip sync a showtune better than any drag queen!

singing funny gif drag race royale latrice


6. Every sentence anyone ever says can always become a showtune.

jealous jealousy ramona singer rhony real housewives of new york


7. You stay up all night watching musical theatre clips on YouTube.

vh1 nicole richie candidly nicole all new candidly nicole tonight at 11


8. Your news apps get customized to show Broadway headlines first.

Wale phone iphone online dating scrolling


9. You only have Tony Awards parties at your house. What’s the Super Bowl?

Tony Awards tonys tony awards 2016


10. A spontaneous dance routine isn’t weird to you at all.

Broad City ilana glazer season 3


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