You Know You’re A Theatre Teacher When…

by Glenn Halcomb


1. You look in the mirror and see Ms. Darbus.


2. You sing everything instead of talking.

movie singing emma stone shower easy a


3. You’re on the first name basis with every thift store within a 50 mile radius of your school.


4. You’re in the bath tub listening to click tracks…yet again.


5. You spend your lunch break shopping for a large iguana puppet, silver gladiator sandals and large amounts of cheesecloth.


6. You think of everything in terms of stage left or stage right.

RuPaul's Drag Race S5 tv show rupauls drag race rupaul spinning


7. Your nightstand is filled with scripts.


8. You can eat dinner in under 10 minutes.

30 rock eating tina fey liz lemon binge


9. You have explained to a student that “Tree #2” is a very important role.


10. Your significant other attends the show and finds the clothes they are missing on the stage.


Most importantly, you wouldn’t change a thing. You get to spread the love of theatre to a new generation, keeping the art form alive! So take a bow, and don’t change one bit.

bow puss in boots kitten hello falling