Imaginary Young@Part

This is the authorized Young@Part® edition of IMAGINARY. This show is an exciting, funny and inspiring musical about the wonder of childhood, the power of the imagination and what it means to grow up. Milo is Sam’s only friend and they spend all their time together, using only their imaginations to transform their world into […]

The Velveteen Rabbit: A Toy Story

Margery Williams’s classic toy story gets a vibrant retelling in this brand new adaptation. When the Child gets the Rabbit for Christmas, she is at first disappointed in her gift. But as the two quest and adventure through her storybooks, both Rabbit and Child grow and care for each other. And they discover that love […]

Small Enchantments

12 Princesses sneak out to a Ball every night. Or so they say. You see, their father locks them in the palace. Some say he’s overprotective, others say he’s evil. Either way, 12 young women are trapped. And where is their Mother, you might wonder? Oh, their Mother is a dying tree and their aunt […]

Buddy Bro Bubba Dude: Men in Twisted Shorts

Men in twisted shorts! This roller-coaster ride of hilarious short plays is all about, and starring only, men! In these absurdly funny tales, you’ll meet men who are confident, men who are brave, and men who are as useless as the “g” in “lasagna.” There’s Wade, who, after badgering his widowed father to start dating […]

Carmela Full of Wishes

It’s Carmela’s birthday, and she’s finally old enough to accompany her big brother on his errands. On their way to the laundromat, past fields of what her Mamí calls “flores de cempazuchitl”, Carmela finds a puffy white dandelion to blow, but her brother asks “Did you even make a wish?” The Newbery award-winning team behind […]