The Antichrist Cometh

THE ANTICHRIST COMETH is a comedy about a happily married man who discovers that he might be the Antichrist. Will he be able to enjoy a small dinner party with his loving wife, former college roommate, and his roommate’s devoutly religious fiancée? Or will their home-cooked meal usher in the Apocalypse?

The Unfortunates

In this intimate ghost story, Mary Jane Kelly has a problem. She’s a pound forty behind in her rent, her window is broken, she has lost her key, and her boyfriend just moved out. And it’s 1888—not a good time to be poor and “unfortunate” on the streets of London. Somewhere out there in the […]

17 Minutes

17 MINUTES is the length of time Sheriff’s Deputy Andy Rubens stood outside of a school while a shooter was inside. The play 17 Minutes explores the communal and residual effects of a shooting through Andy, a man who struggles with his own complicity in the tragedy, and who seeks meaning in the wake of […]

A Measure of Cruelty

After a horrifying act of bullying, one of the perpetrators, Derek, is hidden away by a recently discharged, traumatized soldier Buddy, who hides Derek away in his father Teddy’s bar in the days after the crime. In a blistering 80 minutes all three men have to face each other, themselves, and the dangerous, antiquated, but […]