National Coffee Day

Today is National Coffee Day! So in honor of the caffeine that many of us like to jolt ourselves awake with, we’ve decided to create a list of what we think some of our favorite characters like to jump start their days with!

1. Molly Jensen – Ghost the Musical



Molly…you in danger, girl. Moll is all about that Caramel Macchiato life. This is easy, because I’m fairly certain it’s even mentioned in the script when Carl comes over. Nice sentiment and all, but keep the caffeine away from Carl, we don’t need to keep racking up the dry cleaning bill because he likes to dump his drinks on himself. You can’t take Carl anywhere…


2. Adam / Felicia – Priscilla Queen of the Desert



This material gurl may be looking for some hot stuff, but that doesn’t mean he wants his caffeine burning his tongue. If its not a cocktail, Adam is usually found with a traditional iced coffee…light and sweet, just like he wants you to believe he is.


3. Celie – The Color Purple



Miss Celie keeps it classic with a good old fashioned cup of coffee brewed right on her stove top with a splash of milk and a couple sugar cubes. She makes it on her own schedule though, because she is a strong independent woman who needs no man…or woman.


4. Edward Bloom – Big Fish



It’s tough to create a whale of a tale when you aren’t caffeinated properly. Edward prefers to keep it nice and strong when it comes to his morning jolt. He enjoys nothing more than a dark roast right from his French press.


5. The Lady of the Lake – Monty Python’s Spamalot

Spamalot Tour 7


This is one unhappy diva…if you mess up her order. The Lady of the Lake can’t help you find your grail if she doesn’t keep herself alert. Her go to beverage is clearly a Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte. Duh.


6. Lucas Beineke – The Addams Family

ADDAMS FAMILY_Broadway_#26


Just because Lucas has fallen for Wednesday, the princess of darkness, doesn’t mean he wants darkness in his coffee. There is nothing Lucas loves more than a good old fashioned Caramel Frappe. Don’t hold out on the whipped cream or he just might prove who’s crazier than who.