Poplar Pike Playhouse is in the Game! CHANGING MINDS Video Smackdown Entry Phase Underway

Changing MindsThe Entry Phase of the 2012 TRW CHANGING MINDS Video Smackdown is underway! Click here to check out this post from the kids at Poplar Pike Playhouse. This is an example of a fully-produced entry from a full production. But, the contest is open to entries of all kinds from cell phone cams in sneakers and T’s to hi-def workouts on the stage, the $5000 prize is looking for spirit, joy and telling the story!

For the first time ever, Theatrical Rights Worldwide (TRW) will award a high school theatre department, community or youth-theater, five-thousand dollars ($5,000.)

Kyle and Natalie from CHANGING MINDS

Drew Murley (L) as Kyle and Rachel Shannon as Natalie: "What the...?" From the 2011 Poplar Pike Playhouse production of CHANGING MINDS

All you have to do is submit a video depicting your cast performing the opening number “Ready or Not” from the hottest new high school musical CHANGING MINDS.  You can use as much or as little production values as you wish.  Cast it, rehearse it, video it, submit it!  We will provide you the libretto (words and music) and the accompanying performance track to help you make it happen!

A combination of online voting along with a panel of theater professionals will determine the winner.

Everything you need to take a swing at winning the five grand is in your free script and music files download. Here’s a quick run-down on the CHANGING MINDS story: At Playa Sola High School, it’s business as usual – the jocks, geeks, popular kids, etc., all try to navigate a world of insecurities, grades, fashions and text messages.  Then, during a school trip to a historic mission, the minds of two high school seniors are inexplicably switched.  Suddenly, Kyle Fairbanks, a charismatic slacker/surfer is helping everyone with their calculus, and scholastic superstar Natalie Watson has become an expert on heavy metal lyrics and is calling everybody “dude.”  In this screwball-comedy-for-a-new-generation, Kyle and Natalie have to find out how to get their brains back as they juggle friends, classes, rumors, scholarship competitions and, oh yeah, Kyle’s super-hot, snob-of-a-girlfriend Ashley.  Driven by a contemporary pop score that reflects influences from rock, techno, R&B, ska, and rap, CHANGING MINDS is a musical that’s delightfully bright, laugh out loud funny, and is sure to have you singing and clapping along as Kyle and Natalie, Brad and Claire, Shelly and Freddy, Garrett and Ashley, and all of their classmates as they discover that sometimes the best way to figure out who you are is by… CHANGING MINDS!

Changing Minds TRW Video Smackdown

OK, it’s time for the Video Smackdown:

  1. 1. Click here to download the zipped-up script and music files you will need to stage the opening number, “Ready or Not” from CHANGING MINDS.
  2. 2. Once you have downloaded the files, save them onto your computer.  You will have the libretto (words and music) and the accompanying performance track.  Our Performance Pack includes an accompaniment track with everything but the vocals!  If you prefer to use live musicians, it also includes the individual parts for each member of your pit band.  It’s up to you!
  3. 3. Cast it, rehearse it, video it, submit it!
  4. 4. How to submit your video:
    a. Upload your video to YouTube (If you need help, click here)You will need to create an account to upload your video to YouTube.
    b. Copy the URL link YouTube provides you after you upload the video.
    c. Return to this Facebook page and click on Contest.
    d. Read all the Rules and disclaimers and such!
    e. Fill out the Contest Form (don’t forget to paste in the YouTube URL for your video)
    f. Agree to the rules and click submit!
  5. 5. Check back often and send the video to family, friends and everyone you know to have them “Like” the video.
  6. 6. More Info: Click Here

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