ROOMS set to open at Seacoast Rep & freeFall!

room_sm_webTRW’s latest acquisition, the red-hot ROOMS: A ROCK ROMANCE, is set to open major new pro productions in Portsmouth, NH and Tampa, FL. Following ROOMS’ international premiere in Montreal,  two new premier productions open this month. ROOMS can now be seen at Seacoast Rep in Portsmouth, NH from September 10th to October 3rd and in the Tampa, FL area at freeFall Theatre from September 9th to September 26th.

Seacoast Rep is the first ROOMS production to incorporate projections and freeFall Theatre is the first ROOMS production to feature a husband and wife in the roles of Ian and Monica. Both productions are getting incredible buzz so don’t miss them if you’re in the area!seacoast

Casting ROOMS is a dream come true for directors as you can tap into the pop-rockers in your area who really want to tear it up in a new musical that showcases actor/vocalists who embody the energy and verve of their generation. MONICA is in her early 20’s and is a force of nature.  Her passion draws people towards her whims.  She is not savvy, sophisticated or street-smart, but she is driven.  Her boundless energy makes her fluid and quick in movement, not earthbound.  She has a true talent for singing and a way with words; whatever she lacks in talent, she makes-up for in personality.  She is an entertainer. She dresses with fun and flair.  Her favorite performers are Bette Midler, Anthony Newley, Elton John, and of course, Barbra Streisand.

freefallIAN is in his early 20’s.  His outwardly confident and physically loose demeanor and swagger mask many insecurities.  He may be cocky, sarcastic and cynical on the surface, but inside he is extremely vulnerable and frightened.  Handsome, precocious, talented, witty, charming, he is also edgy, dark, troubled and brooding.  He is serious about his music.  He dresses daily in trademark black jeans.  His favorite performers are Springsteen, Dylan, McCartney, and of course, Lennon.


Leslie Kritzer (L) and Doug Kreeger in the NY Production


Leslie Kritzer in the NY production of ROOMS

With Music and Lyrics by Paul Scott Goodman and Book by Paul Scott Goodman &  Miriam Gordon, ROOMS is a sure-fire rocker that is ready for your cutting-edge theatre season. Click here to listen to song clips and see just how exciting a prospect this blazing new show is!