A Hit Dog WIll Holler



A HIT DOG WILL HOLLER centers around a popular online political & social commentator who is forced to examine her legitimacy when agoraphobia prevents her from physically engaging in the very activism she boasts about on the internet. When a boots-on-the-ground community organizer invades her space, they must both deal with manifestations of fear arising from existing in America while Black. Is it just in their heads, or has racism come to their doorstep?

Casting & Production



GINA: African-American, late-30s to early-40s. Female, hetero, snarky & fly. Gina is a social media activist. She’s afraid to leave her house.

DRU: African-American, 20s. Female, queer, no snark & also fly. Dru is a boots-on-the-ground activist. Afraid of not being out there in it.

From the Playwright

This is a play about African-American women and must be cast with Black women.


February 2020. Somewhere during the Rona. Gina’s home office aka her living room, on a quiet street in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago.