The Great Jheri Curl Debate

2f, 3m


Veralynn Jackson knows hair, she knows her neighborhood, and she also knows that the invention of the Jheri Curl marks the end of the world. When she takes a job in Mr. Kim’s Korean-owned Black beauty supply store and the posters start talking to her, Veralynn might finally come to know her true calling.

Casting & Production



VERALYNN JACKSON – 42, F. African-American. Long-time resident of this neighborhood. Knows a little something about hair.

MR. KIM – 50, M. Korean immigrant. Business owner. Lives somewhere else.

JHERI REDDING – 72, M. White. Born Robert William Redding. Hairdresser, chemist, inventor of The Jheri Curl. Lives in a poster.

LORRAINE – 30, F. African-American. Female model on all the packaging for the S Curl. Lives in the same poster hugged up with Marvin. Would like to kill him one day. Also plays MUSHROOM.

MARVIN – 30, M. African-American. Male model sporting the exact same S Curl as Lorraine. Uses way more activator. Also wants out of this arrangement. Also plays AFRO MAN.

Jeffery Manor Beauty Supply, in the all-Black neighborhood of Jeffery Manor on the South Side of Chicago, Illinois.

Spring 1979 – Fall 1982