Alligator Mouth, Tadpole Ass

Community & Professional


ALLIGATOR MOUTH, TADPOLE ASS is a twistedly queer memory play about a troubled man in 1986 looking for answers at Miss Chelley’s Fortune Shop in NYC. Instead of the answers he craves, he connects with a young man working there whose memory is constantly triggered by their incredibly intense connection. They cruise and dance their way through the past leading them to a dangerous night of improper role play.

Casting & Production


EVANDER (“VAN”): (17, Male, Latine)

HANK: (40, Male, Latine)

CHELLEY: (35, Female) (Played by EVANDER)

MERCEDES: (40, Male) Evander’s father. (Played by HANK)This play should be cast with two Latine, male-presenting actors. It is important that CHELLEY is played by the same actor playing EVANDER, and that MERCEDES is played by the same actor playing HANK.