Julio Ain’t Goin’ Down Like That



It is the morning after the brutal murder of Julio Rivera, a gay Puerto Rican man in Jackson Heights, Queens. The murder became the first gay hate crime tried in New York State during the 1990s. In Julio Ain’t Goin’ Down Like That, the community reacts and is taken on a journey of self-discovery by a fabulously unapologetic queen personifying the beauty and brutality of Jackson Heights.

Casting & Production


This play isn’t literal; casting shouldn’t be either. With that said, race should NOT be swapped. Gender can be played with where it makes sense. It does not make sense for trans men and women to be played by cis-gender men and women, unless their trans identity isn’t germane to the scene… but hint-hint—it is always germane to the scene in this play. Do the work. Cast trans people in roles about trans people.