2W, 3M, 1 gender neutral
Community & Pro Theatres


by Kate Benson
Print Edition: 978-1-63852-019-1
E-Script: 978-1-63852-042-9

A woman walks into a bar. Her name is Porto. She’s a regular. She likes this bar: serious food, serious wine, serious bartender–a staple in a gentrifying Brooklyn neighborhood (perhaps Bushwick?). Her friends, her wine, and her artisanal snacks are there; her doubts about being a Modern Woman are put on snooze. A handsome stranger walks in and orders something special. Disruption ensues: an upside-down romantic comedy unfolds inside and outside her head. Desires of all kinds are awakened with a ferocious thump. A nice smile is a nice smile, but can we enjoy the sausage once we know how it’s made?

Casting & Production

Production Notes

[Porto] was initially produced by Rachel Karpf, John Del Gaudio and The Bushwick Starr (Noel Allain-Artistic Director, Sue Kessler-Executive Director), where it received its world premiere in their 2016-2017 season.

[Porto] was subsequently produced by The Bushwick Starr and WP Theater (Lisa McNulty, Producing Artistic Director, Michael Sag, Managing Director), where it received its Off-Broadway premiere as part of WP Theater’s 2017-2018 season.

Casting Information

[ ]: a lesser god, or a person of many genders who owns a bar
DOUG THE BARTENDER: a foodie, 40s
HENNEPIN: some version of a Hot Guy, late 30s
PORTO: a Woman in the middle, late 30s or early 40s
DRY SAC: the hottest woman you’ve ever laid eyes on, 40 going on 20
RAPHAEL THE WAITER: the friendliest guy, late 30s
THE CHORUS OF DUMB BUNNIES: just what they are
“SIMONE DE BEAUVOIR”: Raphael the Waiter in drag: sincere, and really enjoying it.
“GLORIA STEINEM”: Doug the Bartender in drag: sincere and not so much. Hard to tell with that guy.


A bar with good food.
A gentrifying neighborhood in Brooklyn.
Then back to the bar.
And then, inexplicably: a steeple, a lake.
And once: an apartment. Just the living room.
We never want to see the kitchen here.
(Or we always want to see the kitchen, but we are not going to.)
But always: the bar.
Now, or recently