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Studs Terkel’s The Good War

Off Broadway
1F, 8M
Community & Pro Theatres


Based on Studs Terkel’s Pulitzer Prize-winning book, The Good War, conceived and created by David H. Bell and Craig Carnelia, combines Terkel’s stunning text with vintage songs of the war years, to create a unique and illuminating snapshot of the time. Using the words of the people who were actually there, THE GOOD WAR creates a collage of the personal experiences, attitudes, fears, and joys of a vibrant and vital time in our country’s journey; a time that changed us forever.

Casting & Production


MAN #1 (40’s)

MAN #2 (20-25)

MAN #3 (30’s)

MAN #4 (20-25)

MAN #5 (30’s)

MAN #6 (30’s)

MAN #7 (45-50)

WOMAN (mid-30’s)

PRIVATE SMALL (African-American; 30’s-40’s)

Orchestral Information

4 Musicians


Bass (Upright)

Guitar (Acoustic with pickup)



Studs Terkel’s THE GOOD WAR

A Musical of World War II

Based on the oral history by Studs Terkel Conceived and created by DAVID H. BELL and CRAIG CARNELIA

Originally produced by Northlight Theatre Artistic Director, BJ Jones; Managing Director, Philip J. Santora This play was the recipient of the Selma Melvoin Playwriting Award, given by Northlight Theatre in Chicago, IL

NOTE: Whenever and wherever the director and designers receive billing, Studs Terkel shall receive additional billing, substantially as follows: Based on the oral history by Studs Terkel. The names of the Composer, Lyricist, and Bookwriter shall be equal in size, type, coloring, boldness, and prominence. No billing shall appear in type larger or more prominent than the billing to the Authors except for the title of the Play.


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