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Sweet Potato Queens

Sweet Potato Queens

SWEET POTATO QUEENS is a high-powered musical that tells the story of Jill and her closest friends and how they learn to grab life by the sequins, feathers and tiaras to live their lives on their own terms…as big as a parade! Based on the wildly-successful books by Jill Conner Browne, this brilliant new show features a writing dream team of pop music and Broadway song icons Melissa Manchester, Rupert Holmes and Sharon Vaughn.

Watch the trailer for the World Premiere of SWEET POTATO QUEENS at Theatre Under the Stars

Photo from TUTS 2016 production

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Based on the works of JILL CONNER BROWNE

QUEEN JILL: the supreme Queen in the full flowering of her reign, and she reigns on her own parade.

JACKSON JILL: our protagonist and, ultimately, the inventor of the Sweet Potato Queens. Unhappy wife to second husband TYLER, mother to her baby daughter Peep. Her dreams are long-deferred. Loosely based on #1 New York Times best-selling author and SPQ figurehead Jill Conner Browne.

FLOWER TAMMY: an attractive, timid woman whose sunglasses are tinted rose and who carries a secret.

FLOOZIE TAMMY: a brash “good time girl” — and a good time was had by all.

TOO MUCH TAMMY: generously proportioned and unhappy with nature’s generosity.

GEORGE: lady-in-waiting to the Queens, their BFF who dreams of someday joining their ranks; doubles in the role of Chinese restaurateur GEORGE WONG without any change in appearance.

MAMA: Jill’s live-in mom who sets Jill’s sights low.

TYLER: Jill’s “good-looking-and-knows-it” second husband who views Jill as his first wife.

DADDY: Jill’s devoted father, who seems detached from his beloved daughter’s plight. Doubles as REPORTER.

6 Musicians
Piano – Conductor
Keyboard 2
Electric Guitar
Electric Bass