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The Man in the Ceiling

Off Broadway
1F, 2M, 1 Girl, 2 Boys
Family Audiences


12 year-old Jimmy Jibbett would rather be a successful cartoonist than be in 7th grade. His father disapproves. His mother is busy. His uncle tries to understand but is too wrapped up trying to write a love song for his next flop musical. Where can Jimmy turn for inspiration and hope? Maybe THE MAN IN THE CEILING can lead him to his true destiny…If only Jimmy would look up!

A collaboration between Jules Feiffer, the Pulitzer-Prize-winning cartoonist and celebrated author, and Tony-nominated composer-lyricist Andrew Lippa, THE MAN IN THE CEILING is an uplifting tale about following your creative passion against all odds.

“The high points of this show are musical, with Mr. Lippa providing a sublime Act I duet, “Disappear.” – The New York Times

“Endlessly imaginative and whimsical … pure theatrical joy.” – Dan’s Papers

“This collaboration between writer Mr. Feiffer and composer Andrew Lippa bounces along with high-voltage energy to its exuberant end.” – 27 East

“The Man in the Ceiling is a show that will stir emotions, make you laugh and in the end leave you gleeful.” –

Casting & Production


1F, 2M, 1 Girl, 2 Boys

Orchetral Information

4 Musicians






Music & Lyrics: Andrew Lippa
Book: Jules Feiffer


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