Washington Square

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WASHINGTON SQUARE is based on the novel by Henry James. Catherine, a wealthy young woman, was raised by father dead to love. Surrounded by a society and family who perceive her as plain and soft-spoken, Catherine remains optimistic. When a mysterious suitor makes a bid for her heart, she’s torn between her instincts and the warnings of her cruel father. Set in a fashionable New York of the late 19th century, Sharp’s interpretation strips away all of the excesses to focus on Catherine becoming her own person. This sparse, actor-focused design heightens the psychological underpinnings of the story, building tension as the play hurtles towards its inevitable conclusion.

Casting & Production


Cast of Characters

(2W, 2M)

Dr. Austin Sloper — 50s

Ms. Catherine Sloper — 20s, daughter to Dr. Sloper

Mr. Morris Townsend — late 20s – early 30s

Mrs. Lavinia Penniman — 50s, widow, sister to Dr. Sloper, aunt to Catherine


Place: The Sloper townhouse on Washington Square, New York City

Time: 1840