Welcome to Paradise

3f, 2m


Evelyn contemplates that this solo journey to her Caribbean beach house might be her final one, with old age looming and her children’s interventions on the horizon. Meanwhile, Rory, a seasoned traveler, seeks a welcoming refuge. Accepting Evelyn’s invitation for a brief stay, maybe one or two nights, Rory gradually finds himself feeling increasingly at ease in Evelyn’s home. Surprisingly, Evelyn is delighted to have a pleasant and helpful young companion. As they spend time together, they both discover that their friendship is evolving into something more meaningful than they initially anticipated.

Casting & Production


Cast of Characters
(3W, 2M)

RORY — 25-ish, a traveler with no particular place to go
EVELYN — 75-80, the owner of the beach house
GREG — 45-50, Evelyn’s son
TRISH — 45-50, Greg’s wife
SYDNEY — 19-20, Greg and Trish’s daughter

Casting Note:
The ethnicity of the characters is not specified. Multi-racial casting
can be used at the discretion of the director.


Place: The fictional Caribbean island of St. Sebastian.

Time: Now.