The Birmingham News on Red Mountain Theatre Company’s COLOR PURPLE: ‘First Class’, ‘Spectacular’, ‘Joyous’, ‘Uplifting’

Myiesha J. Duff stars in "The Color Purple." Photo AL.COM

The Birmingham News at AL.COM has given the Red Mountain Theatre Company‘s THE COLOR PURPLE a truly superb review, giving the show their highest rating. AL.COM’s Alec Harvey was effusive in his praise of the highly-regarded Red Mountain production:

“It’s a good thing that Red Mountain Theatre Company’s production of “The Color Purple” is presented in its cabaret space in the basement of the Kress Building. Because in its opening moments, the gospel number “Mysterious Ways” raises the roof, and for two-and-a-half hours, the show never looks back. It’s a spectacular show from start to finish,” Harvey gushed in the October 1st, 2012 review. He went on to make clear this is no ordinary production, “…it’s also joyous and uplifting, and the RMTC production captures all of its aspects in a first-class way. It’s a special production, perfect for a city about to embark upon a commemoration of its civil rights history.”

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