TRW and NICKELODEON: Bringing New Audiences to YOUR Theatre!

TRW Presents Nickelodeon’s Mega-Hits…These Shows Really Rock—On Stage and at the Box Office


Theatrical Rights Worldwide is the exclusive home of Nickelodeon’s Live On Stage collection of musicals. We’ve licensed hundreds of productions of our Nick favorites, BLUE’S CLUES LIVE! THE MOST SPECTACULAR PLACE, BLUE’S CLUES LIVE! BLUE’S BIRTHDAY PARTY, and RUGRATS: A LIVE ADVENTURE. These stage musical adaptations of Nick’s beloved TV shows have played around the world and brought thousands of kids and their families into theatres everywhere. And in 2010, we’re releasing a new to the stage Nick title that will take theatre for young audiences to the next level! Stay tuned for this exciting new release announcement soon, or…visit our website and check out the Nickelodeon’s Live On Stage section for the inside scoop…

Performing arts organizations are always looking for ways to bring new audiences into their facilities. Theatre that is aimed at pre-schoolers and very young kids is an ideal way to get new groups of people into your theatre. Parents that see an ad for a Nickelodeon show at your theatre will bring their kids. And older siblings. And friends. As these new customers enter your theatre they are closer to  discovering ALL the great shows you do.

Recently, I talked with Jim Roberts and Joe Zingo of the renowned Actor’s Cabaret of Eugene, Oregon, about their 2007 production of Blue’s Clues Live! The Most Spectacular Place.

The Actor’s Cabaret of Eugene (ACE)  opened their first season in 1979 and have since presented over 350 productions. The Artistic Director at ACE is Joe Zingo, a retired South Eugene High School teacher of 29 years.  The Executive Director and Producer is Jim Roberts.

They were enthusiastic to relate the amazing response to the production.



“When we produced BLUES CLUES, we found a completely new audience. The children ranged from 2 years to 7. It was great to watch them all react, sing and try to help find the clues along with the cast. Most had never seen any live performance before, and they LOVED the show,” said Zingo.

“Those parents who watched BLUES CLUES on TV with their children, loved the opportunity to share BLUES CLUES LIVE with their kids, since there are so few shows written for pre-schoolers,” Roberts added. “We also had teenagers who thought of it as ‘nostalgic’ when they started watching and really got into the show. We have had many return for other shows since then, both with and without their children.”


The Nickelodeon Live On Stage Collection from TRW comes complete with scripts, scores and a Performance CD that makes rehearsing and performing a snap. And included in each license is a title-specific TOOL KIT book that provides resources direct from NICKELODEON that cover costumes, sets, props and marketing plans that have helped make the collection a smash hit at box offices worldwide.

“The show (BLUE’S CLUES) sold out very quickly and we had to add performances!  We could have run for many more week-ends if our schedule would have permitted,” Zingo continued, ” We were turning people away at the door when we ran out of tickets to sell, a problem every theater loves to have.  Everyone showed up ready to  see their childhood TV show, LIVE, or present  BLUES CLUES  to their children for the first time. Whatever their reasoning for buying  the tickets they loved what they saw. It was a great theatrical experience for everyone.”

-Fred Stuart for TRW