Jenna Donnelly

Jenna Donnelly is a lyricist and writer of platinum-selling records across the globe and has collaborated with artists on major labels such as Sony, Virgin and Warner. Her work also extends into primetime television, producing music for major ITV shows.

Works with Ethan Lewis Maltby include; Courtenay, with Christopher Neame, an epic historical tale of bloody rebellion, the spooky, larger-than-life spectacle Apparition Smith and Christmas show The Sparkle Thief which completed a second season of shows at Canterbury’s Anselm Studios in 2015. In 2016, their WW1 musical The Battle of Boat was premiered by the National Youth Music Theatre at the Rose, Kingston with a full cast-recording being released this year. 2017 sees the premiere of their new work, The Masters of Mystery as part of the Canterbury Festival supported by Arts Council England and the Marlowe Theatre.