Thrice Upon A Midnight Clear: A Triptych of Three-Actor Trysts

Thrice Upon a Midnight Clear gives audiences a peek into the unlikely—but hilarious—conversations of The Three Wise Men, The Three Wise Women, and The Three Not-So-Wise Shepherds in this traveling triptych as they follow the Star of Bethlehem contemplating its wonder, its mystery… and a good game of golf!

The Christmas Carol Farce (Featuring the Five-Minute Christmas Carol)

Charles Dickens’s ghost arranges for a high school production of A Christmas Carol to be broadcast on TV. The cast is ecstatic, until they learn their performance must be cut to one hour. At the TV studio, they discover it must be cut to 40 minutes for commercials. Just before they go on-air, an overtime […]

Law and Order: Rhymes and Misdemeanors

In the nursery rhyme criminal justice system, citizens are represented by two separate yet equally ridiculous groups: the nursery rhyme police who investigate nursery rhyme crime, and the nursery rhyme district attorneys who prosecute the nursery rhyme offenders. These are their stories.

The Acts of Life

Jonathan Rand’s THE ACTS OF LIFE is a multi-generational story about love and life. Presented in a series of metaphors, we watch as members of a family are born and grow; each experiencing the familiar moments in life that seem to be universal.