Mary and Joseph… and Company

Off-Beat Comedy, Holiday
2f, 3m


MARY AND JOSEPH… AND COMPANY tells the story of Mary and Joseph as they journey toward Bethlehem to be counted in the census, and their surprising encounters with characters the whole family will recognize. This fresh reimagining of Mary and Joseph draws on the comedic styles of Don Knotts, Steve Carell, John Cleese, and Kristen Wiig and provides warmth and joy during the holiday season!

Casting & Production



MARY: 20s to 50s. Gentle, sensible.

JOSEPH: 30s to 60s. Anxious, practical.

MATTHIAS: 20s to 50s. Dashing, confident.

JEZEBEL: 20s to 50s. Humble, honest.

BOY: Teens to 30s. Brash, goofy.

A significant distance from Bethlehem on the day of the eve of Christ’s birth.

Run Time:
25-40 minutes.