Birds of North America

1f, 1m


John and his daughter Caitlyn are birders. As they scan the skies over their backyard in suburban Maryland looking for elusive birds, years go by. Relationships begin and end. Children grow up and parents age. The climate and the world change in small and vast ways. BIRDS OF NORTH AMERICA takes a close look at the relationship of a father and daughter over the course of a decade as they struggle to understand the parts of one another that defy understanding.

Casting & Production



JOHN — A scientist and an avid birder. Ages throughout the play from his late 50s to late 60s. White, probably.

CAITLYN — A copy editor for a conservative news outlet. Ages throughout the play from her late 20s to her late 30s. John’s daughter. White or mixed race.

John’s yard. Baltimore County, Maryland.


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Aug 15Sep 01, 2024
Bag&Baggage Productions
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Sep 0315, 2024
Invisible Theatre Company
Tucson, AZ
Feb 21Mar 09, 2025
Theatre B
Moorhead, MN

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