Man of God

Dark Comedy
4F, 1M


During a mission trip to Bangkok, a Korean Christian girls’ youth group discover that their revered pastor has hidden a camera in their hotel bathroom. Their communal rage and disillusionment fuel increasingly violent revenge fantasies amidst the no-holds-barred neon bubblegum sex-tourism mecca of Bangkok. MAN OF GOD is a funny feminist thriller about that moment when girls realize the male gaze has been watching all along—and decide they’re definitely gonna do something about it.

Casting & Production


*Everyone is Korean American.

SAMANTHA — 15, she’s here because she’s always been in the youth group.

KYUNG-HWA — 15, she’s here because she is obsessed with Jesus and really wants to save people. Kyung-Hwa never cries.

MIMI — 16, she’s here because her mom gave her the choice between this and Korean math school.

JEN — 16, she’s here because this will look good on college apps.

PASTOR — 40s, a tall man, we never see his face until we do.

A mid-range Bangkok hotel room. Two double beds. A bathroom. A mini-fridge. Lamps and a hotel phone on the nightstands. Four suitcases open on the floor by the walls, in various states of disarray. A number of personal items (phone chargers, retainers, etc.) scattered around the room.


“With MAN OF GOD, Moench has taken a simple situation, four independent-minded characters and an abundance of wit and crafted a show that restores your faith in theater.”


“Funny, creepy and unflinchingly observed”

—The Los Angeles Times

“MAN OF GOD is an extraordinary and important piece of storytelling.”