Sin Eaters

1F, 1M


Mary is a content moderator, one of the unseen people who scrub our social media feeds of violent, sexual, and otherwise disturbing imagery. As she goes deeper and deeper into the dark rabbit hole of unfiltered human depravity that is the internet, she finds a graphic video that makes her question her relationship, her sanity, and her own capacity for violence. By plunging us into a job where technology meets drudgery, SIN EATERS examines how our daily toil transforms us from the outside in.

Casting & Production



MARY LEE — Late 20s, any ethnicity.

DEREK — Late 20s, any ethnicity. Doubles at times as Gary, Michael, Steve, and Reesie.

Offstage Characters (Recorded):
REESIE — Recorded until final scene.
MICHAEL — Recorded until final scene.

Home — a grim apartment in Staten Island
Between Us — a cubicle farm in a fluorescent void


Moves with assurance, layering paranoid, unsettling vibes and satirical barbs targeting contemporary corporate environments.

—The New York Times

“A pitch-perfect noir.”

—Philadelphia Inquirer

SIN EATERS challenges us to rethink our one-dimensional perceptions and consider the cost and consequences of safety, and what being ‘safe’ really means.”

—Broad Street Review