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Claus – The Musical

5F, 5M
Family Audiences


How the Boy became a Man.
How the Man became a Legend.
Claus tells the incredible story of a human child brought up by Immortals in a magical forest. But when Claus discovers there’s a whole world outside of the forest, inhabited by humans like him, his life takes a different path.

Claus leaves the magical forest behind to be with his own kind and soon discovers a gift for toy-making. Children instantly love him, but the evil Awgwas, who revel in making children naughty, wage war on Claus who calls on his immortal friends for help.

But even free from the Awgwas, Claus faces a bigger battle – he’s getting older and can’t continue to deliver presents to children for ever, or can he…?

Based on the book The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus by L. Frank Baum (writer of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz), Claus is a musical for all the family.

Casting & Production


10 actors (5F, 5M)


NECILE – A wood Nymph, 20s, wide-eyed, striking, impulsive, headstrong, yearns for adventure

SHIEGRA – a lioness, athletic (dance/movement skills required), protective, Claus’s confidante, loyal, bit of a loner, brave (this actress also plays Weekum’s Mother and Glossie, a reindeer)

ZURLINE – late 20s/early 30s, Queen of the Nymphs, Ak’s girlfriend, flirty, ditzy, bit of a chatterbox, likes to be the centre of attention, tries to be regal but it doesn’t come naturally (this actress also plays Blinkie, a cat)

FIRST NYMPH/BESSIE/FLOSSIE/SECOND MOTHER – character actress, plays the put upon Nymph who has to deputise for Necile; Bessie the spoilt rich girl who wants presents and is used to getting what she wants; Flossie the reindeer that helps Claus deliver his presents; and the scary second mother who catches her children being naughty

SECOND NYMPH/FAIRY QUEEN/MARIE – Petite, the Fairy Queen is a little bit too perfect, giggly, flirts with Ak and annoys Zurline, sickly sweet; Marie is a small demanding child


AK – The Master Woodsman of the World, 20s, Adonis, Serene, God-like, Authority figure, Arbitrator, Claus’s protector

RYL PRINCE/WEEKUM/SECOND AWGWA – the Ryl Prince is merry and light-hearted; Weekum is a poor boy who Claus befriends, he’s inquisitive and easily-led; the Awgwas are evil creatures who exist to encourage children to be naughty

WILL KNOOK – short, rough-looking and crooked, calls a spade a spade, isn’t impressed by authority and power, downtrodden and often grumpy he’s nonetheless a friend to Claus and owns the deer who pull his sledge (this actor also plays the part of First Child)

CLAUS – Young, naïve, boy who grows into Father Christmas, sweet and gentle yet impulsive, kind, likes to laugh and see others laugh, optimistic, inquisitive, yearns for adventure

AWGWA – evil, manipulative, determined to make children naughty and get rid of anyone who stands in his way – including Claus, power hungry, master of disguise

Orchestral Information

6 Musicians

Keyboard 2
French Horn



Book by Simon Warne

Music & Lyrics by Andy Collyer

Based on The Life And Adventures Of Santa Claus by L. Frank Baum

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