5 Reasons To Produce BARE

BARE is a show I have always been a fan of. Is it a “pop opera” or a “musical”? Who’s to say. These days it seems the show has become a one name diva, like Cher or Madonna. Okay, perhaps that is a bit extreme, but the show holds a special place for me. See that photo above? Circa 2007, I was rocking the Catholic school uniform on stage myself. October in the USA is LGBT History Month and we just celebrated National Coming Out Day on October 11th. This is the perfect opportunity for me to ramble about reasons you should be producing this show.

You could cast this show however you’d like. As far as I recall, there isn’t anything specific in the material that would prevent casting an actor from any background. The only thing that comes to mind is a lyric Ivy sings about “blue eyes” to Jason.