Blood of the Lamb

A woman fights for her life and a lawyer tries to do her job in a Kafka-esque drama about bureaucratic chaos in a post-Roe America. This hot-off-a-workshop-script dives unflinchingly into the heart of forced-birth issues. With a sometimes surreal style, BLOOD OF THE LAMB is a heartfelt (and heartbreaking) look at two women navigating the […]

Andy Warhol in Iran

The script is available in manuscript form now, while the final Acting Edition is being prepared. In 1976, Andy Warhol, who had transformed himself into a sought-after portrait painter for the wealthy, embarks on a journey to Tehran to capture Polaroids of the Shah of Iran’s wife. Amidst his exploration of the Crown Jewels and […]

Birds of North America

John and his daughter Caitlyn are birders. As they scan the skies over their backyard in suburban Maryland looking for elusive birds, years go by. Relationships begin and end. Children grow up and parents age. The climate and the world change in small and vast ways. BIRDS OF NORTH AMERICA takes a close look at […]

The Heart Sellers

Jane and Luna run into each other in the grocery store on Thanksgiving in 1973 and discover they have much in common: they’re both 23, recent Asian immigrants, homesick and lonely with hardworking absentee husbands, and adjusting to a new country surprisingly filled with as much political uncertainty as the places they’ve left. Over a […]


Maude, a lonely, surly, storefront psychic has accepted that love is not in the cards for her. She can see the future and knows this to be true. But when Jeremy, a despondent love-hungry accountant threatens to end it all if she sees no love for him, she must wrestle with fate, and in changing […]

Yes, Virginia

The story of two older women navigating the perils of aging in suburban Detroit. Virginia Campbell was a longtime housekeeper for Denise Miller and her family, helping Denise raise her children during a difficult divorce. But when she shows up for work, Denise is very confused. Especially since she thought she had let her go […]

The Velveteen Rabbit: A Toy Story

Margery Williams’s classic toy story gets a vibrant retelling in this brand new adaptation. When the Child gets the Rabbit for Christmas, she is at first disappointed in her gift. But as the two quest and adventure through her storybooks, both Rabbit and Child grow and care for each other. And they discover that love […]

The Two Kids That Blow Shit Up

Diana and Max meet at 9 years old, the day their parents start having an affair. In the ensuing decades, they see each other through highs and lows, trying not to make the same mistakes their parents did. A play about trying not to fall in love with your best friend so you end up […]

The Magician’s Daughter

The magician Prospero and his daughter Miranda dazzle their audiences until the day Miranda quits. This funny, bittersweet play dives deep into the ups and downs of a father-daughter relationship. Viewer discretion advised if you have a father or a daughter (or know anyone who does).

Off Peak

When two old flames run into each other on the evening commute, different views of the same past threaten to derail their connection. A new play about forgiving, forgetting, and the healing power of a good delay.