The Downfall of Rafael Trujillo

THE DOWNFALL OF RAFAEL TRUJILLO explores the last five years of the life of the Dominican dictator Rafael Trujillo. He ruled the Dominican Republic with an iron fist for 31 years. The play begins with the infamous kidnapping and murder of Professor Jesús Galíndez and follows the resulting fall-out, which leads to the downfall of […]


The fifth-grade talent show is approaching, and everyone at Baldwin Elementary is abuzz. Winston wants to win the show with his cheerleading routine and prove he’s more than the awful nickname everyone calls him: Fishboy. Introverted artist Gina wants nothing to do with the show, and she knows the overzealous (and unpleasant) twins, Randy, and […]

My General Tubman

John Brown asks Harriet Tubman to fight with him to stop slavery. Her traumatic epilepsy triggered, Tubman moves through time to a modern Philadelphia prison. She meets Nelson Davis, who falls in love with her. He detains her from Harper’s Ferry; Furious, she returns to her time to mourn the failed raid. But when she’s […]

An Eloquent Fugitive Slave Flees to Ireland

An Eloquent Fugitive Slave Flees to Ireland imagines Frederick Douglass’s meditations on freedom and bondage during his historic visit to Ireland. His encounters with white women are particularly complex as they compare how their two nations oppress or empower them.

Jane Eyre

“Women feel just as men feel. They need exercise for their faculties, and a field for their efforts, as much as their brothers do.” Charlotte Brontë’s timeless romance, JANE EYRE, is a Gothic story of resilience, in which a penniless orphan is determined to craft a fulfilling life for herself, against all odds. When Jane […]

Zombie: The American

The Future. The United States is in crisis: The East Coast has Flooded, the Capital has moved to Mount Rushmore, Cotton XP has been found in the hills of the West, Civil War is upon us again, African Peacekeepers are here to insure our Presidential Elections, and there are Zombies in the Basement. Read a […]

The Wooden Heart

Mitch wants to be a carpenter. Heather wants to be a woodcarver. The wolf wants to be an intellectual. Ruby wants to escape the wolf. The woodcutter wants to escape the narrator. A fable-inspired play about love and wood and finding your purpose.


Based upon the book by Jason Reynolds. Castle Crenshaw, a.k.a. Ghost, has been running his entire life, but for all the wrong reasons. Then one day he meets Coach, an Olympic medalist who sees his unique raw talent. Can Ghost achieve the speed he needs for success, or will his past finally catch up to […]

In The Upper Room

A play about family secrets, gossip, colorism, voodoo and the magic of the stories we grow up hearing. Meet the Berrys, a multi-generational Black family living under one roof in the 1970s. Their lives orbit around Rose, a strong-willed matriarch whose superstitions and secrets drive her relatives nuts. Through pointed wit and playful sarcasm, the […]

Black Super Hero Magic Mama

Sabrina Jackson cannot cope with the death of her son by a White cop. Rather than herald the Black Lives Matter movement, Sabrina retreats inward, living out a comic book superhero fantasy. Will Sabrina stay in this dream world or return to reality and mourn her loss?