How I Became a Pirate Younger@Part®

How I Became a Pirate Younger@Part®

HOW I BECAME A PIRATE Younger@Part® is the authorized 30 minute edition of the TYA musical for elementary schools and youth theatres (grades 2 – 5). Through a series of workshops with industry professionals and actual kids, the Younger@Part® musicals are tailor-made for younger actors. Song keys are changed where needed, songs and scenes are edited for time and content, while keeping the spirit of the original show intact. There are great parts for girls, boys and can feature any size ensemble/chorus, who are featured throughout the show.

Sail off on a fantastic musical excursion when a band of comical pirates lands at North Beach looking for an expert digger to join their crew. Braid Beard and his mates enlist young Jeremy Jacob as they look for the perfect spot to bury their treasure. Jeremy learns that adventuring can be lots of fun, but love and home are treasures you can’t find on any map. Your elementary school-age cast will love flaunting their pirate swagger in this delightful and swashbuckling musical adventure!

Each Younger@Part® title comes complete with Performance Tracks, Guide Vocal Tracks, Director’s Guide, 30 Student Scripts and more with an affordable Performance License package.

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Young Jeremy Jacob is digging in the sand at North Beach when he is greeted by Captain Braid Beard and his mates, and is recruited to help find the perfect digging spot for their treasure. Boarding the ship, the Captain introduces the boy to his pirate crew who share with him the ins and outs of a pirate’s life at sea. Jeremy is instructed on how to talk like a pirate and schooled in pirate manners and etiquette (or the lack thereof). In turn, Jeremy shares with them what a typical kid’s day is like and the wondrous game of soccer! The pirate world proves to have many surprises for Jeremy Jacob, not the least of which is when the fearsome pirate Sharktooth admits to him that he is really just a sensitive guy! When a storm arises, the skills of the crew are called upon to steer the ship to safety and Jeremy Jacob begins to wonder if the pirate life is really for him. But all is well and they arrive back at the beach in time for soccer practice – but not before they survey the area, following the map that Jeremy has drawn for them, leading them to the perfect spot to bury the treasure – his own backyard! They reminisce that it’s always good to go home and Jeremy realizes that the simple things in life, like a kiss and a warm tucking in at night, are among those that are most important. Parting is bittersweet, but before leaving,  the pirates assure Jeremy that they will be back if he ever needs them. He only has to fly the Jolly Roger, or he can simply find them at pirates-dot-aarrgh! A story of adventure and finding one’s own heart – a path that can’t be found on any treasure map!



Based upon the book “How I Became a Pirate” Written by Melinda Long and Illustrations by David Shannon

Performed by arrangement with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and The Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency. HOW I BECAME A PIRATE received its world premiere at First Stage Children’s Theatre, Milwaukee, WI.


2 lead roles, 12 featured roles, and an expandable pirate ensemble

NOTE: All casting is gender-flexible




  1. BRAID BEARD – the Pirate Captain, with a “braided beard” on his chin


  1. SWILL THE PIRATE – wears wire-rim eyeglasses – philosophical – intellectual – gets blamed for everything that goes wrong


  1. SHARKTOOTH THE PIRATE – foreboding – scowling grin – wears a patch on eye – but yet – a “sensitive guy”


  1. PIRATE PIERRE – talks with a French accent – the ship’s cook – enjoys fine French cuisine


  1. MAX THE PIRATE – wears a stuffed parrot on his shoulder; the others don’t have the heart to tell him that it’s not real




  1. PIRATE SCURVY DOG – a Pirate Second Mate – with a tendency to “bark”


  1. MOM – Jeremy’s mother; can double as a Pirate


  1. DAD – Jeremy’s father; can double as a Pirate


  1. BLUNDER BESS – member of Braid Beard’s Pirate crew


  1. MAD-EYE MATEY – member of Braid Beard’s Pirate crew


  1. AYE AYE EILEEN – member of Braid Beard’s Pirate crew


  1. WALKER DEE PLANK – member of Braid Beard’s Pirate crew


If your cast exceeds 14 actors, add as many additional pirates as you like. Divide the existing lines of the play and pick from the names below.



  • Bugsy Blackjack
  • Hammerhead Harry
  • Swagger-Lee
  • Tortuga Tommy (or Terry)
  • Jamaica Jane (or Jim)
  • Marvin Milhaus
  • Salty Pepper
  • Gunpowder Pete
  • Squid Lips Larry (or Lois)
  • Starboard Sal (or Sammy)
  • Barnacle Boris (or Brenda)
  • Old Yellow Tooth (or Young Yellow Tooth)
  • Ensign Pullverized
  • Crabby Wheelhouse
  • Crusty Cannonball
  • Crow’s Nest Charlie
  • Stinky Poop Deck
  • Plunderin’ Penelope (or Percy)
  • Melinda Longjohns
  • Natchez Patches
  • Loch Ness Nellie
  • Penny Penzance or Princess Penny Penzance
  • Arrrggghhhh-gyle Annie
  • Sweet Sally Scallywag
  • Big Buck Buckaroo
  • Sir Wallace Winston Rupert Bottleneck McHornswaggle (but better known as Hey There)

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