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No Dogs Allowed!

50 Minutes
4F, 3M, 1GN
Family Audiences


NO DOGS ALLOWED! is the story of Iris, a bright 8-year-old, who lives “in a place called the Bronx, in the Kingdom of 3rd Avenue… in the Land of New York City,” with her family and her dog El Exigente. One bright day, the family decides to take a trip to the Enchanted State Park and Iris is determined to bring her beloved El Exigente, even though at the park there are ‘no dogs allowed’. With a cast of unique, charming and wonderfully funny characters, NO DOGS ALLOWED! is a brilliant new musical adapted from Sonia Manzano’s best-selling Children’s book of the same name.

Casting & Production


4 female, 3 male, 1 gender flexible featured roles

IRIS: Young girl who loves her dog more than anything.

EL EXIGENTE: Beloved family dog.

SHORTY: Exasperated older sister because she always knew when things were going to go wrong. Prone to rolling her eyes in disgust.

PAPI: A clever man who loved fixing things.

MAMI: A doting mother who was always busy doing something domestic.

CARMEN: Mami’s beautiful younger sister.

JUAN: Carmen’s husband. Madly in love with his wife, Carmen.

DON JOE: The neighborhood grocer who thought all problems could be solved with a delicious sandwich.

Orchestral Information

Fully Orchestrated Performance CD

Piano-Vocal Score



Book by Sonia Manzano Music by Stephen Lawrence Lyrics by Billy Aronson

Based on the book by Sonia Manzano “Originally commissioned by Actors’ Playhouse Productions, Inc. at the Miracle Theatre, Coral Gables, Florida. Executive Producing Director, Barbara S. Stein; Artistic Director, David Arisco; Director, Earl Maulding.”


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