Monthly Archives: May 2010

TRW is Proud to Announce our Latest Family Theatre Acquisition: NO DOGS ALLOWED!

Theatrical Rights Worldwide is proud to announce our latest Family Theatre acquisition: NO DOGS ALLOWED! This super cool new musical is based on the hugely popular children’s book by Sonia Manzano, perhaps better known as Maria from “Sesame Street”! Manzano adapted her own book and legendary composer Stephen Lawrence wrote the music, with renowned lyricist… Read more »

RING of FIRE is Everywhere, Man!

RING OF FIRE THE JOHNNY CASH MUSICAL is a favorite of community and professional theatres nationwide! With upcoming productions in Mississippi, Maine, Wisconsin, Michigan, California, Indiana, New York and Texas this show truly is…Everywhere, man! Check local listings to see if it is playing in…ready? Tune those guitars and sing…Reno, Chicago, Fargo, Minnesota, Buffalo, Toronto,… Read more »

“Tours, Tours, Tours, Tours, Tours, Tours, Tours, Tours, Lovely Tours, Wonderful Tours!”

The Above Headline Should Be Sung Out Loud to the Tune of “Lovely Spam, Wonderful Spam.” The mega musical madness that is MONTY PYTHON’S SPAMALOT is on tour in not one, but…TWO world class nations! America and Britain. Whoo-hoo!! First up is the U.K., where Eric Idle is currently attending final rehearsals for a 5/29/10… Read more »