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6 Tips For First Time Theatre Teachers

by Jim Hoare   A college professor once told me to write the following in my notebook at the beginning of our very first class: “There is no such thing as a child who hates music. But there are plenty who hate music teachers.” He then said if that is the only thing I remember from his class,… Read more »

The Arts Taught Me That

by Glenn Halcomb   As the Marketing Manager for TRW, I have come to realize that many of the skills I utilize daily and value in others were shaped through my education in the arts. In high school I was the president of my Thespian troupe (shout out to Troupe #533!) before moving on to… Read more »

99 Thoughts I Had Returning To The Color Purple

by Ryan Goodale   The Color Purple has always done it for me as far as a musical theatre experience goes. I saw the original Broadway production three times, caught the national tour once and then saw this current (Tony Award winning!) revival very early in previews. Returning became a necessity when it was announced… Read more »

You Know You’re Obsessed With Broadway When…

by Ryan Goodale We asked. You answered. Here are some of our favorite answers to “You Know You’re Obsessed With Broadway When…” and they are all too true for many of us. No shame in our game, though. Curtain up, light the lights and let’s get going. This is your places call! 1. All of the… Read more »

Best Apps For The Theatre Fan

by Ryan Goodale We imagine it’s pretty likely that you’re reading this on your mobile device. We’re in a time where it seems harder and harder to pull ourselves away from our devices. Of course, this isn’t an issue when in the theater, since you know I’m the first to silence, airplane mode, turn off and… Read more »

You Know You’re A Theatre Teacher When…

by Glenn Halcomb   1. You look in the mirror and see Ms. Darbus.   2. You sing everything instead of talking.   3. You’re on the first name basis with every thift store within a 50 mile radius of your school.   4. You’re in the bath tub listening to click tracks…yet again.  … Read more »

5 British Beltresses You Should Know

by Ryan Goodale   We know belting isn’t a Broadway invention, but when Ethel Merman bust onto the Great White Way in 1930 she brought a brassy and brash sound that wasn’t going anywhere. Granted, ladies had been belting since the vaudeville days, but belting has found such a wonderful fit with musical theatre. There… Read more »