Welcome to Paradise

Evelyn contemplates that this solo journey to her Caribbean beach house might be her final one, with old age looming and her children’s interventions on the horizon. Meanwhile, Rory, a seasoned traveler, seeks a welcoming refuge. Accepting Evelyn’s invitation for a brief stay, maybe one or two nights, Rory gradually finds himself feeling increasingly at […]


Five actors, three characters, one story: Ten years ago, Ken and Chris were teacher and student. Now, as principal and teacher, Ken uses a student’s suspiciously high grade as license to grill Chris until the young teacher is forced to confront both past and present. While most plays question the audience, TEACH’s gender and racial […]

Sing The Body Electric

Jess is tanking in Physics, so her mom, Doris, hires Lloyd to help her pass. But she’d rather study his son, the survivor of a lightning strike that killed his girlfriend a year ago, and tattooed his body with elegant scars. When Lloyd and Doris hit it off, these two broken families are bound ever […]

Man of God

During a mission trip to Bangkok, a Korean Christian girls’ youth group discover that their revered pastor has hidden a camera in their hotel bathroom. Their communal rage and disillusionment fuel increasingly violent revenge fantasies amidst the no-holds-barred neon bubblegum sex-tourism mecca of Bangkok. MAN OF GOD is a funny feminist thriller about that moment […]

Journey to the Poles of Inaccessibility

Dylan is comfortable with his insular life, working at an insurance company and living with his wheelchair-bound aunt. Then he meets Chris, a young woman of boundless energy, on a quest to gather what magic may remain at the eight Poles of Inaccessibility, the world’s most remote places. Dylan and Chris circle the globe on […]


The fifth-grade talent show is approaching, and everyone at Baldwin Elementary is abuzz. Winston wants to win the show with his cheerleading routine and prove he’s more than the awful nickname everyone calls him: Fishboy. Introverted artist Gina wants nothing to do with the show, and she knows the overzealous (and unpleasant) twins, Randy, and […]

Public Speaking 101

When a neurotic, amateur actress leads her community college class of terrified adults to compete in their county’s First Annual Public Speaking Competition, their cross-currents, tongue-tied quirks and foibles escalate as the pressure builds.

Broken Machine

In this climate-chaos comic-tragedy, a burnt-out coder has become a hermit in the wilderness, nursing a broken arm and making lists from memory—of endangered species, moments of Lost Time, Incorrect States of Mind—in company with her only friend, a gray fox with a bad attitude. When wildfires approach, they flee through the wilderness to the […]


This title will be available soon. 72 year-old Krystyna fights for life in a hospital as four peo- ple wait—and reveal the reasons why her survival is vital to them. Rachel is a driven young doctor whose brother Jona- than died in the Trade Center; financier David is Rachel’s adoring ex-fiance, rejected in the fall-out […]

Dido of Idaho

Nora, a lovelorn musicologist with a drinking problem, schemes to steal the husband of a former Miss Idaho (runner-up). When the extramarital hijinks go brutally awry, Nora flees to the Rocky Mountains, tracks down her estranged mother’s partner, and weasels her way into their wholesome domestic existence. But in her bid for help, Nora risks […]