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Changes? Just Ask!

Dear TRW theatre family, The majority of the musicals in our catalogue were written for the Broadway stage, to be performed by professional actors in front of audiences expecting and accepting of a heightened level of language, nuance, subject matter and presentation. In essence, the Broadway production is a “destination experience” for those who attend…. Read more »

A Message from TRW President & CEO Steve Spiegel about CHANGING MINDS

Okay, I’ve been doing this licensing thing a very long time and have represented hundreds of great musicals. I’ve created youth, school and junior editions and personally seen their importance in many of your theatres. And now, combining the talent of two amazing authors with that of my creative team at TRW, we have developed… Read more »

A Message from Steve Spiegel

“Theatrical Rights Worldwide and Your Theater: Partners in Saving You Money.” This isn’t just an ad line—it’s our way of doing business. The past few years have been some of the toughest ever for Arts presenters. The economic climate remains one of the biggest hurdles for Artistic and Managing Directors in regional and community theatres… Read more »

Spiegel’s Spiel, April 2010

Spiegel’s  *Spiel Blog Along with Steve Spiegel, President & CEO I’ve just returned from my energizing, wonderful and successful trip to New Zealand and Australia. As we talked about in my first blog post, I attended the 50th anniversary conference of Musical Theatre New Zealand where over 350 artistic and managing directors representing 80 societies… Read more »

Spiegel’s Spiel: March 2010…The Premiere Post

Spiegel’s *Spiel Blog along with Steve Spiegel, President & CEO Welcome to the inaugural article here at Spiegel’s Spiel, a place at where I can share my thoughts and plans with you, our valued customers, and you can give feedback to me on your theatre organization’s activities. Through this interaction you can help keep… Read more »