Monthly Archives: October 2016

Theatrical Haunts

By Ryan Goodale   Halloween is rapidly approaching so we thought it would be fun to look at a couple of theatrical haunts! Theaters are a notorious place for things to go bump in the night and whether this is something you believe in or not, theres is no denying the superstitions. Take a ghost light… Read more »

TRW Partners With A.I.M.S.

  We are delighted to partner with the A.I.M.S. (The Association of Irish Musical Societies) to offer a 10% discount to active members on select titles. To claim your discount, simply mention A.I.M.S. in the ‘Additional Comments’ section on your rights application through TRW. *Please note: The TRW 10% AIMS royalty discount is a new promotion and will… Read more »

5 Reasons To Produce Bare

by Ryan Goodale   Bare is a show I have always been a fan of. Is it a “pop opera” or a “musical”? Who’s to say. These days it seems the show has become a one name diva, like Cher or Madonna. Okay, perhaps that is a bit extreme, but the show holds a special… Read more »