BABEL is a dark comedy set in the near future. Two couples are having trouble getting pregnant and the lengths they go to in order to have a baby raises the specter of eugenics, explores the societal value of a baby, and asks us what we are willing to risk for love. If you like […]

Smoke Gets In Your House

The lives of two couples are thrown into upheaval when a brushfire threatens their upscale Southern California homes. They must confront what’s really important to them — Material items? Careers? Relationships? SMOKE GETS IN YOUR HOUSE treats the natural disaster seriously while still finding enough absurdity to make this play a genuine dark comedy.

Bruise & Thorn

Bruise and Thorn are Nuyorican, queer, and tired af of their jobs at a busted up laundromat in Jamaica, Queens. But not for long: Bruise is saving up to become a chef (like on Chopped!), and Thorn spits bars on street corners, one America’s Got Talent audition away from becoming the Boricua Nikki Minaj. When […]