A writer agrees to help an incarcerated man with his parole statement and embarks on an unexpected journey confronting her own grief.

Grace’s Land 2.0

Grace is a teenage Spoken Word champion, but can’t seem to complete a simple poetry homework assignment. Accompanied by her piano playing, hip hop dancing and visual artist girlfriends, she designs a virtual land of her own, Grace’s Land 2.0, where they’re free of fixed identities, of the pandemic, of micromanaging parents, and the need […]

Les Deux Noirs

Set in the legendary Parisian café Les Deux Magots in 1953, LES DEUX NOIRS reimagines the meeting between Native Son author Richard Wright and essayist/activist James Baldwin. It explores the tension between Baldwin’s searing critiques of Native Son and Wright’s unbridled indignation in response—a confrontation between two mighty African-American artists, with echoes of a present-day […]


WINNER of the 2021 Tennessee Williams One Act Play Contest In the near future, a robot named Laura has joined a high school to see if it can learn as humans do. Two girls, Ruth and Teri, decide that the superiority of computers would make Laura the perfect class president. When Laura helps Madison, the […]

Honey Sugar Lady Doll: Women in Bodacious Shorts

Women in bodacious shorts! This sparkling and raucous comedy offers fast-paced tales about—and starring—strong and sassy females. Women who are intelligent, eccentric, mysterious, baffling, bullheaded and brilliant. As these short plays unfold, you’ll meet Vivacia, a Southern social media star, on a quest to elevate the mediocre standard of American funeral foods. Drop by a […]

College Colors

This four character play follows a pair of black and white male roommates entering college in the 1960, juxtaposed with a pair of black and white female roommates in 2016.

Buddy Bro Bubba Dude: Men in Twisted Shorts

Men in twisted shorts! This roller-coaster ride of hilarious short plays is all about, and starring only, men! In these absurdly funny tales, you’ll meet men who are confident, men who are brave, and men who are as useless as the “g” in “lasagna.” There’s Wade, who, after badgering his widowed father to start dating […]


BABEL is a dark comedy set in the near future. Two couples are having trouble getting pregnant and the lengths they go to in order to have a baby raises the specter of eugenics, explores the societal value of a baby, and asks us what we are willing to risk for love. If you like […]

Carmela Full of Wishes

It’s Carmela’s birthday, and she’s finally old enough to accompany her big brother on his errands. On their way to the laundromat, past fields of what her Mamí calls “flores de cempazuchitl”, Carmela finds a puffy white dandelion to blow, but her brother asks “Did you even make a wish?” The Newbery award-winning team behind […]

Guilty Pleasures: An Unapologetic Comedy

Married couple Larry and Jinx embark on a luxury cruise and encounter a glamorous celebrity couple. A frivolous agreement leads to sex, comic complications, and Larry and Jinx having to resort to infidelity to save their marriage. Guilty Pleasures is a modern version of a sophisticated throwback Noel Coward-type screwball comedy.