Lucky us! LUCKY DUCK is Coming to 42nd & Broadway’s New Victory Theatre: B’WAY Press Goes Quackers!!

TRW’s delightfully daffy LUCKY DUCK is landing in NYC after a cross-country migration from its hugely successful production at The Coterie Theatre in Kansas City, MO. And lucky for us here at the TRW World Headquarters, the show will be alighting at The New Victory Theatre, just around the corner! And the Broadway press can’t get enough of the musical marvel that re-tells the Ugly Duckling tale in a fresh, new way. “Dreamgirls’ Henry Krieger Brings Youth-Aimed Lucky Duck to New York!” says‘s Broadway Buzz. And writes, “New Victory Theater to Present NY Premiere Henry Krieger, Bill Russell and Jeffrey Hatcher’s LUCKY DUCK!” And announced much anticipated casting for the plucky tuner: “Seth Golay, Jennie Greenberry, Katie Karel, and More Set for Lucky Duck at New Victory!”

LUCKY DUCK is the story of duckling Serena, who runs away from her rustic barnyard to pursue her dreams in New Duck City. Her adventures with a bunch of zany characters, including Prince Drake, Galinda (“the most fashionable Goose in the City”) and Wolf, a talent agent and reformed meat-eater (or is he?), take her from high-fashion runways to perilous performing opportunities. Even the happy ending is not exactly by the storybook. See, Serena, the ugliest duck in the bardyard, yearns to be a great singing diva, and she overcomes hilarious avian trials and tribulations in this wacky, ultra-modern adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Ugly Duckling.”

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