PerusalsNOW™: It’s a Hit!

perusalsnow-screenshotTheatrical Rights Worldwide introduced our new PerusalsNOW™ service in September and since then hundreds of customers have entered the world of instant perusing! The response has been huge and continues to grow. Customers have been quick to embrace the technology that can deliver a reading copy complete with song samples in just seconds. And, making PerusalsNOW™ even more popular is the fact that it’s the greenest way to read a show available: Instead of printing and shipping a script hundreds or thousands of miles, we can now make our catalogue of musicals available at the click of a mouse and you can decide whether you want to print a copy or read it on-screen.

As we explored launching this revolutionary new service, we knew that protecting the Intellectual Property (IP) of our authors was of paramount importance. By using LockLizard™, a digital rights management software, we are able to offer our customers the incredible convenience of an instant perusal while guaranteeing the secure delivery of our scripts and score samples.

Go to our Perusal Store now and check out the most exciting development in the Musical Theatre business in years!